Ready to kick fatigue, discomfort, and sickness to the curb so you can elevate your health naturally?

Mom's Wellness Kickstart

$49 for New Patients

What’s Included:

  • Comprehensive Chiropractic Exam
  • Non-invasive Scans
  • X-rays if Needed

*Medicare restrictions apply.

All proceeds go directly to Thrive Motherhood in North Carolina!

Pain & stress & exhaustion - oh my!

Come on in. It's a safe space here.

Does any of this strike a nerve...?

  • You’re ALREADY juggling family life 24/7/365. You barely find time to sit down, much less prioritize your health.
  • You pour endless hours into nurturing your family and checking all the boxes, but the daily grind is leaving you drained and disconnected. 
  • You’re tired of dealing with the same symptoms over and over. Traditional quick fixes just don’t last. 

  • You’re ready for a holistic approach that helps you put all the pieces together and get to the root issues.

... If so, then keep reading, because We've got a solution just for you.

Dr. Davis Adjusting a Pregnant Mama

We love self-care and tuning in to our body's signals.

But let's be real... managing family life often leaves mom's needs behind.

Masking symptoms and chasing quick fixes is NOT the answer.

Chiropractic care is.

And we've empowered thousands of Raleigh moms to finally put their health first & thrive.

Adjustments Boost the Immune System


Most people view chiropractic as a luxury or optional treatment.

BUT—they fail to recognize the natural wellness waterfall it’s capable of creating — all seamlessly flowing with your schedule.

Somewhere between the relief of a good adjustment to the joy of the results, it dawns on you…

Chiropractic care isn’t just cracking backs.

It’s precision care made to ensure your nervous system is working at its highest level and allow you to live healthier, happier, and fuller lives.

^^ that’s what we are all about!

Like you, our patients were looking for…

  • A life marked with comfort + ease. with fewer aches, stiffness, or migraines.

  • More mental clarity and focus + less anxiety or brain fog.

  • More healthy days with a strong immune system and fewer sick days

  • More energy to enjoy precious family time and say goodbye to the afternoon slump.

Chiropractic care helps make it happen.

Check Out What Our Patients Say...

Don’t just take our word for it!

Love Dr. Davis!! 99% of the time I am opposed to accepting help when not feeling my best; but with her, I am the polar opposite!! After seeing her, I can tell a difference in how I feel in the best ways possible. She never fails to make time for me and always helps me in any way, shape or form!!
Savannah Mehaffey
I cannot say enough good things about Davis Family Chiropractic! It is incredibly child-friendly (it is the only place I feel comfortable receiving care while my four young children are contently playing with toys or drawing). Our family has benefited from Dr. Davis and her team throughout ear infections, pregnancy, toddler constipation woes, and newborn days. Highly recommend.
Lauren K. Olofsson
Davis Family Chiropractic made me so comfortable during my initial visit with scans and x-rays. We then developed a full plan for my therapy. I love how quick, efficient, and beneficial my appointments are. I feel so much better when I leave. I look forward to my continued care with Davis Family Chiropractic.
MaryEllen Appel
They genuinely care about your whole health. I know when I go in I will be greeted warmly, asked sincerely how I’m doing both mentally and physically, and will leave feeling rejuvenated for the week ahead. Thank you for treating my family as so much more than another patient. ❤️
Erika K.

Right now, we’re offering Raleigh North Carolina Area Moms a NEW PATIENT SPECIAL…

mama, It's decision time..

  • Will you keep spinning through endless doctor’s appointments, grasping for another explanation? 
  • Will you watch more family moments fade away while pain and brain fog weigh you down? 
  • Are you ready to settle for discomfort and lost opportunities, or will you rise up, take charge, and put your nervous system first?

Break free from the cycle of frustration. Reclaim your peace, comfort, & joy.

Dr. Alisha Davis

Hi! I'm

Dr. Alisha


As a mom myself, I get it—putting your health on hold while looking after everyone else is sometimes our default mode. But at Davis Family Chiropractic, we're all about flipping that script.
With 25+ years under my belt, I'm here to serve moms like you at every stage. I know the drill and your specific needs matter most. Let's put YOU first in your wellness journey.

Hi! I'm

Dr. Rachel


I joined DFC because I'm all about wellness and empowering women like you to navigate your path to health. Dr. Davis and I match each other's energy and we are proud to serve moms and their families together. Here to give you the care you deserve, whether it's back pain from lifting your sweet babies or just needing some self-care, I've got your back! Let's prioritize your wellness together.

It’s time to invest in your well-being and reclaim the vibrant, energetic mom you deserve to be.