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Supporting a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery.

So, you’re thinking of having a baby...

While you ponder that thought, now is the time to get serious about chiropractic care. (Yes, before you’re even pregnant!) At Davis Family Chiropractic, we work with hundreds of women to ensure their immune and nervous systems are functioning at their best to support a healthier pregnancy. Ideally, this care would begin four to 12 months before conception to set you up for optimum health.

You want the best for your baby. So do we.

So, you’re officially having a baby! (Cue the non-alcoholic champagne). We’re here to help you have a healthy pregnancy, healthy baby, and a healthy family.

We’re certified in the Webster Technique, which is used on pregnant women beginning around 28 weeks. This technique reduces bony restrictions and relaxes the supporting ligaments around the uterus.

Put simply: it helps get your baby in the best possible position for birth and allows for an easier labor and delivery for you and your baby.

We also work with midwives, obstetricians, and doulas to ensure you’re receiving the best care along the way.

Reducing the aches and pains of pregnancy.

The waddling, the lower-back pain, the tossing and turning at bedtime… These are some of the less appealing aspects of pregnancy! Don’t worry, chiropractic care can help improve the function of your spine and nervous system, which will ultimately improve the health and comfort of your pregnancy.

We’ll support you in:
Back Pain Relief

We probably don’t need to tell you this, but the position of your growing baby will cause your center of gravity to shift. Meanwhile, your spine will naturally alter itself to accommodate this change. As a result, you may experience lower back and pelvic pain. Good news: 84% of pregnant women who received chiropractic care received relief from lower back pain.

Bone Health and Alignment

The increase in hormones during pregnancy can also cause muscles, ligaments, cartilage, and even bones to “soften” and become more pliable. Pelvic bones may even become fixated or subluxated. Since your hips will need to spread to accommodate the delivery of your baby, fixated pelvic bones can lead to complications during delivery.

Nervous System Health

It’s especially important during pregnancy for nerve impulses to flow from your brain throughout your body. A slightly out-of-place vertebra can create nerve irritation, which can interfere with your body’s nervous system. Chiropractic care can restore the function of your nervous system. Your growing baby depends on you for proper nerve and blood supply for optimal development.

General Health and Comfort

Chiropractic care helps improve your overall wellness, increase your comfort during your pregnancy, and help you have a safe, natural delivery. Research also shows that postpartum pain was relieved in 75% of moms that received regular chiropractic care.

Reduced Labor Time

Now for the best part: Women under chiropractic care had nearly a 25% reduction in the average labor time versus the “generally accepted average labor time.” (With women who had given birth in the past, that number rose to 33%.)

Have baby on the brain?

Contact us if you’re planning on becoming pregnant or are already expecting, so that we can support you along the way.