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Pregnancy + Chiropractic


We are always so excited to have pregnant mamas in our office because we KNOW what kind of difference chiropractic can make for pregnancy + birth! We are proud to be able to offer natural options to support mamas and babies throughout the pregnancy and beyond! ⁣

Perhaps the most beneficial part of chiropractic during pregnancy is improving pelvic balance. We use a pelvic adjustment to help release ligament and uterus tension to allow the baby to freely ease into an optimal birthing position. Every mother hopes for less unnecessary birthing interventions. 

A woman’s body is SO incredible during this process, but sometimes that causes stress, discomfort, and well… maybe the mom doesn’t FEEL incredible! 

Chiropractic can restore connections throughout the nervous system to release your body’s NATURAL healing abilities. 

YES, pregnancy pain and discomfort is REAL, but you don’t have to “just deal with it.” Chiropractic is a natural solution that can ease your discomfort, prepare you and baby for a better birth, and release your body’s full potential.

To ease the stress the body is undergoing, we need to make sure that the nervous system is clear + connected. 

The focus of chiropractic is the NERVOUS SYSTEM, because it powers every system in your body. If it is undergoing STRESS, the rest of your body suffers and you can FEEL those physical symptoms in some of the following ways throughout pregnancy

The stress you may FEEL during pregnancy:

Lower Back Stress – Your baby bump is shifting your weight forward and there is now increased stress on the lumbar spine.⁣

Round ligament pain – As your baby grows, your round ligaments experience increased stress and often cause sharp pains in your abdomen and pubic area.⁣

“Lightning Crotch” – What a name! If you are experiencing this, I guarantee you have already googled it! ⁣

Hip discomfort – Hips don’t lie but sometimes they make ya wanna cry! You can usually thank the pregnancy hormone Relaxin for hip discomfort (and other pain!). Your body is loosening up to accommodate baby and prep for labor.⁣

Sciatic Nerve tension – Relaxin, gravity shifts, and increased pressure can cause this extra pressure on the sciatic nerve causing it to be irritated.⁣

All of these changes can be very uncomfortable, but your body is just making room for baby and preparing for labor. We may not be able to make Relaxin go away, but we CAN help your body adapt to an ever growing baby and restore pelvic balance utilizing gentle specific chiropractic adjustments!

Chiropractic is one of the best tools a mama can use to decrease stress for both mama and baby. This gives them BOTH the best start possible!

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