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The Importance of the Fourth Trimester

Truly, pregnancy brings on a surge of fresh love and emotions for the sweet little one growing in your womb. Pregnancy also brings changes to your body as it prepares and strengthens you for birth. After birth however, mothers often feel like it’s time to hid the evidence of birth and feel ashamed of their new, unfamiliar body.

We want to offer a different perspective and help new mothers view the 4th Trimester as a season of transformation.

Becoming a mama is the most beautiful experience, but it doesn’t come without some additional stress. We are here to help you walk through this stage with more grace, ease, and support!

The postpartum season is called the 4th Trimester for a reason because just like every trimester in pregnancy, this is a time of transition and transformation.

Your precious baby is adapting to life outside the womb, you are learning to bond with your baby and allowing your body to heal! Just as in pregnancy, you can’t wrestle or erase the transitional symptoms, but you can offer your body and mind support as you walk through the 4th trimester.

New mamas are very in-tune with the needs of their little ones and their caring mama instincts are super high. New mamas seem to know there’s a problem before a little cry is even made. However, this is one of the times that most mamas Beverly neglect their own needs. It’s easy to do, but it is also important to understand that when mama is not happy and healthy, this can cause more stress and even have long term effects.

We start motherhood just like our baby starts babyhood – everything is new and unfamiliar! We must offer ourselves grace, just as we offer our baby gentle and loving grace while they learn how this whole season works. 

The quality of your postpartum experience can help set the tone for many years to come, and we want you and baby to both be happy + healthy! We love helping mamas be as adaptable as possible at this stage of life, so that they can have a more balanced and peaceful start to motherhood & beyond!

Postpartum Chiro Care Can Help:
  • Your pelvis becomes well aligned and balanced.
  • Recover from and prevent discomforts from all kinds of birth experiences including the most gentle births, long labors, and birth interventions (like epidurals + more)
  • Support your body through adapting to all new nursing and baby holding postures that stress your spine (sometimes all day and night!)
  • You and your baby sleep better! Chiropractic babies and mamas are known for having very healthy sleep patterns.
  • Clears stress in the nervous system (the brain and spinal cord aka the system that runs everything) so that you body can reach HORMONAL + EMOTIONAL balance with more ease!
The fact is a well adjusted mama (and baby!) have healthier and happier lives because they can easily adapt to all the new things life is throwing their way.

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