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It is that time of year when there are so many changes! It is a season of pumpkins, leaf piles, sweater weather and other fall favorites!  We are also heading into a season where SUGAR + STRESS are everywhere at each holiday event.  The increase in sugar brings immune challenges, sniffles and coughs for all of us but especially our little ones.  Let us help you prevent the illnesses and fall into wellness this year.

At DFC, we have patients of all ages come in with symptoms but as a chiropractor I look for ways to help make the body work better.  Chiropractors don’t treat symptoms, but we often use this as a way to know if something isn’t quite right.  Our bodies are designed for wellness including emotional, mental and physical health.

Have you stopped to think what controls your health?  Our body is an amazing super-highway of nerves.  Your brain controls every single cell and system within your whole body.  The nerves tell your brain what to do and how to do it.  Everything in our body is controlled by our nervous system from immune function, ear nose and throat to digestion and more!

When there is pressure on your nerves, your body is not able to communicate the proper messages to your brain and body. Lack of proper communication causes symptoms to appear.  During this time of year, we can experience immune challenges like colds and breathing challenges.  It is important for our spine to aligned from top to bottom, but the top of our neck plays a key role in proper immune function.  Symptoms in the upper neck can cause symptoms like sinus issues, allergies, immune challenges, anxiety, headaches and so much more.

In our office, we do a full spinal assessment and measure its effects of stress on your nervous and immune system.  Through gentle adjustments, chiropractic care can help to lower the stress and nerve interference on your nervous system.  Proper nerve function helps your body’s ability to communicate with every cell in your body. Throughout this fall season, DFC wants to help keep you well and thriving during all of the fall activates. Chiropractic care helps you feel better and function at your best.  Let’s make sure you ready to enjoy the upcoming holiday season.  Give our office a call to see how we can help you function at your best and get started on your path to wellness this fall.

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