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Grounded In Gratitude


November is a special time when our focus turns toward cultivating thankfulness. This little season just so happens to come right before a huge season of gift-giving and GETTING. We can set the stage in our homes for an even more meaningful giving season when we are first grounded in gratitude.  

Warm the fires of gratitude in your home today:

Grounding Practice 1: Shift Your PerspectiveChoose 

Choose to see life with eyes of thankfulness amid the little frustrations + thought seasons that come your way. There is always, always SOMETHING to be thankful for.


 Grounding Practice 2: Treat Your Body with Kindness

Find ways to move throughout the day and focus on what you -can- do with your body! Be thankful for whatever mobility, strength, and flexibility your body has right now! As you move your body with intention + gratitude, you will gently increase your abilities and soon find your body stronger and healthier!


Grounding Practice 3: Nourish Your Soul

Take a look at the media you consume and how you spend your spare minutes each day. Do you see things that fill your cup or drain you? Filter out the noise and tune into positive outlets that push and encourage you to spend your days filling your cup until it is overflowing with gratitude.


Grounding Practice 4: Speak Thankfulness Over Little Things

If you are thankful for something (no matter how small!) SAY IT! Say it out loud, journal it, write a letter, send a quick text, whatever it takes to fill the air with gratitude! The people around you will catch those grateful vibes and it will truly transform the atmosphere of your home.


Grounding Practice 5: Detox Your Home + Fill with Natural Goodness

As we all learn more about the toxins around us, we recognize that some changes need to be made. These changes TAKE TIME! Leave the guilt behind, and start wherever you are. Be thankful for this step in your journey and choose to make the natural, toxin-free swaps that fit your family today.  


We are so grateful for a community that fills our cup, builds us up, and pushes us toward the healthy and happy life we desire. We hope you find your cup overflowing with gratitude this November. 

Life is truly grand and we are thankful for YOU!

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