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Emotional Roller Coaster

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Have you ever felt like your family is on an emotional rollercoaster? When the ups and downs feel overwhelming, it’s time to take a look at the root of the issue and seek emotional peace. We have all seen toddlers melting down as they struggled with their big emotions, but big kids and adults struggle too! Even “regular” life can feel like too much and we can easily get stuck in this continuous stress loop that keeps our emotions elevated. It’s time to INTERRUPT that cycle and put some healthy guardrails in place to avoid the overwhelm. 

Ways to interrupt the stress loop + infuse peace into your home:

Nervous System Care:
  • Caring for your nervous system is essential! Everything we experience in life is filtered through this system. If both our body and brain are overwhelmed and stressed, then our ability to respond appropriately can understandably be difficult.
  • Regular chiropractic adjustments help keep your nervous system’s communication lines CLEAR + CONNECTED and ready to handle the day’s struggles – big or small! Each adjustment will make you feel great, and with consistent nervous system care, you will begin to develop the grit and resilience you need to face all kinds of stressors – physical, chemical, and emotional.
Healthy Habits:
  • Movement: Add movement every day to help turn down your stress response. Moving may be the LAST thing you feel like doing, but try to move as many joints as possible doing anything that you enjoy! Yes, there are programs, methods, and plans you can follow but if getting STARTED is the hurdle you stumble on, skip the planning and just have fun moving! There’s plenty of time to figure out a plan later.
  • Hydration: It sounds simple but it’s easily overlooked! Water helps flush out inflammatory toxins in your body that could be causing a fight-or-flight response to even the smallest hiccups in your day. A simple guideline to follow is to drink at least half your body weight in ounces. Struggle with this one? Try using a straw, give it a squeeze of lemon, add ice, or keep it lukewarm – everyone loves something different. 
  • Nutrition: Focus on eating more Whole Foods and reducing sugar and caffeine intake. We don’t need extra spikes for our bodies and brains to handle! Fuel your body with what it needs and you will notice more balanced emotions.
Simplicity Is Bliss:
  • Simplifying sometimes looks like doing less but it could also look like doing more of what you actually love and spending time with those you love. What could you simplify to help you find more moments that fill you up?
  • Delegate and train your crew. You don’t have to be a superhero and try to do it all by yourself. IF there is a certain time of day or activity that is causing emotional chaos in your home, stop and break that stressor down. Find a simple solution and train your crew to help you out. Model the processes and explain your expectations. Allow them to learn by DOING and then hold them accountable to your expectation. It will take patience and consistency but over time you will have reduced the stress load and given your family valuable real-life lessons.

No matter your age, we will have to find ways to regulate those big emotions and live our lives to the fullest! If you or your little ones are struggling with emotions we just want you to know that we -GET IT- and we are here to help.

Let’s clear the stress from your nervous system today so your family can adjust + adapt to the ups and downs of tomorrow!

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