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Unlock Comfort + Embrace Pregnancy Changes With Chiropractic Care At DFC


Cha-cha-cha-CHANGES! Each week of pregnancy brings new and exciting changes and symptoms as your baby (and baby bump!) grows. At DFC, our chiropractic care can help you embrace these changes and ease through the trimesters, ensuring a stress-free nervous system ready for birth and beyond.

Chiropractic Care for Every Trimester

At DFC, we specialize in the Webster Technique of chiropractic, specifically designed for prenatal care. Our trained chiropractors provide gentle, specific, and safe adjustments to support both mothers and babies throughout a healthy pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

First Trimester

In the first trimester, our focus is on removing stressors in the nervous system that may interfere with early development. We ensure optimal nerve and blood supply to the uterus and developing baby by aligning the spine and adjusting the pelvic joints using the Webster Technique. This reduces stress, allowing all body systems to function better and support the growing little one.

Dr. Rachel Kessel Gently Adjusting a Pregnant Mama

Second Trimester

The baby bump has entered the scene! As that baby bump grows, you may feel unbalanced due to the shifting center of gravity. This can affect your spine, hips, and pelvic joints, resulting in joint pain, backaches, and changes in gait. Through gentle alignments and specialized techniques, we support your biomechanics, balance your soft tissues and ligaments, and help you stay aligned and comfortable throughout this stage. ​

Dr. Davis Adjusting a Pregnant Mama

Third Trimester

Tick-tock! can you believe you are in the last few weeks? This trimester may feel like time passes slowly because your baby bump is running the show! Our focus during this trimester is to remove nerve interferences and stress from the pelvic region, promoting better positioning of the baby and reducing general pain and round ligament pain. Regular prenatal chiropractic care can also contribute to a reduction in labor and delivery time for both first-time and second-time moms.

Fourth Trimester + Postpartum Care

Yay! The baby has arrived! This time is so special because there are still so many changes, healing + growth happening for mama and baby. Even the most gentle births can cause different traumas for mom and baby and it’s important to continue care for mom after birth so we can help reduce stress in the nervous system and return the pelvis back to prepregnancy state. Beyond the birthing process, simply caring for baby requires many repetitive tasks during these early weeks. Regular adjustments are necessary to help relieve the upper back tension that comes with breastfeeding, changing diapers, and holding baby. Mamas who see us during their fourth trimester experience faster recovery so they can heal and enjoy these fresh weeks with sweet baby.

Comfort + Confidence for
Pregnancy and Beyond!

Are you ready to embrace the remarkable journey of pregnancy with confidence and comfort? Start a regular chiropractic routine today and experience the transformative benefits for yourself (and your baby!). Our expert chiropractors at DFC are dedicated to supporting expecting mothers like you throughout each trimester, ensuring a healthier pregnancy, smoother birth, and faster postpartum healing. Don’t let the changes and discomforts hold you back. Take control of your well-being and give yourself and your baby the gift of optimal health. Schedule your first chiropractic appointment with DFC now and embark on a path to a better pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience. Let us be your trusted partners in this extraordinary chapter of your life.

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