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Chiro For Babies

"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." -Winnie the Pooh

How very true, pooh! We LOVE caring for the “smallest” little ones over here at DFC and they certainly fill our hearts with such joy! It is incredible to watch an infant grow and adapt to a whole new world after birth.

We often think life is easy peasy for little babies and while it may appear so, even after a healthy pregnancy and smooth birth babies still encounter lots of stressors along the way. Did you know that babies often experience around 60 to 120 pounds of pressure on their head and spine during the push and pull of labor? Although this is a normal process, that is a lot of trauma for such a tiny baby! After birth, even “normal things” like nursing, sitting up, and diaper changes can add stress to the nervous system and can create a build-up of symptoms that make a baby uncomfortable, unsettled, and stressed.

Our job is to use gentle adjustments to clear the nervous system’s pathways and allow communication between the brain and the rest of the body so they are free to adapt and thrive.

Have you ever seen an infant adjustment? If you didn’t know differently, you might miss it! After we test and identify areas of stress using our safe, noninvasive scans, we use very specific gentle adjustment s for the baby so we are not “guessing” what the baby needs. A baby adjustment sometimes looks like a gentle massage or light touch and the pressure we use is SO light and gentle — similar to the pressure you would use while checking the ripeness of fruit. Although you might not realize it, these gentle adjustments are EFFECTIVE and can help keep your baby healthy and happy!

We love watching the DFC crew thrive and grow! Here are a few benefits our patients have shared with us:

-Nursing like a champ

-Settled sleep

-Calmed tummy

-Cycle of ear infections gone

-Less fussy – more smiles!

We want to make sure our DFC tribe is well taken care of, so bring those sweet babies in to see us! Our hearts are ALWAYS ready to go and make room for the littlest ones around!

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