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Calm The After School Storm


How is your kiddo handling back to school? The transition from restful + relaxing summer mode to hustle + hurry-up school mode can take a toll on the entire family! Whether your child is starting day-care, homeschooling, logging in virtually, or attending school in-person, we want to make sure they are easily adapting to this storm of stressors and overcoming life’s everyday obstacles. If this shift is affecting them, you will surely see it in their moods, sleep patterns, behavior, health, and ability to focus. If they seem unusually irritable or are showing signs of stress, it just means that this transition is hitting them a little hard and they need extra support. We are here to help you and we want to see your child walk through this season with confidence. Read on for some ways to help calm the storm your child is experiencing!

Make Your Home A Place Of...

1. Predictability – Set your kiddos up for success by giving them a solid home routine. Discuss the plans ahead and lay the groundwork to make sure things run smoothly for the family. This means planning WAY ahead of time for ALL. THE. THINGS. We wish someone could do it for us but at the end of the day, YOU know what needs to happen to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. You’re the expert here and already have that mental checklist on repeat. You’ve been doing a great job and your family appreciates the true WORK you have been putting in whether they verbalize it or not. 

2. PeacePLAN FOR PEACE. Find pockets of time to pop some intentionally peaceful moments in your family’s day-to-day life. Look for ways to fit in some time for reading, praying, meditating, or affirming each other. Your family may be unsure of the idea at first, so keep it short and sweet, then proceed with confidence. Your family needs peace in this uneasy world and your home can become that. 

3. Positive Mindset – Life is TOUGH no doubt. Kids are sensitive just like adults but kid problems just look different from a grown-up’s perspective. Get on their level and try to understand what’s bothering them and then help them find positivity when they can’t find it on their own. At the dinner table, let your conversations take a positive turn and leave the negativity off the table. Your kids may bring you complaints and excuses surrounding their days but take time to talk to them and help them realize that they CAN DO HARD THINGS.

4. Proper Nutrition – The family dinner table + and pantry are training grounds for healthy lifestyles. Offering nutritious food is a game changer here. Talk about it and model it. Keep it positive and make changes together! Eating the wrong foods creates a build up of CHEMICAL STRESS that makes optimal brain function difficult. 

5. Movement – It’s easy to turn on the screens and chill at the end of the day, but screen time and lack of movement can seriously hinder your child’s ability to focus and complete tasks all the way through. If you notice them struggling in these areas, get them MOVING their bodies and get their brains firing right again.

Bottom Line: to best support your child during transitions, you have to detox stressors.

A build-up of emotional, physical + chemical stressors can cause a spike in our stress hormones and make kids (and grown-ups) feel anxious, lose concentration, make poor decisions, and struggle with good behavior… It doesn’t have to stay like this!

Regular chiropractic care reduces the stress response in the nervous system and helps learn neurological pathways for connected and calm communication between the brain + body. Since the nervous system is in charge of all other systems in the body, chiropractic focuses on clearing neurological pathways to help the brain gain access to parasympathetic and essentially CALM the nervous system. 

Imagine your child walking back into the classroom with ease and grace instead of under a cloud of stress and anxiety. We want to help make this vision a reality and hope to see your kiddo in our office for an adjustment soon (mom + dad included)!

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