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Back to School – For Moms!

Mom Adjustment

It’s time for Back to School, mama! Don’t let the stress ahead cloud your mind! Instead view this as an opportunity to change, grow, and recenter so you get back to reaching your goals.


Here are some ways to use the 
back-to-school season for your growth:


Ok, this one is tricky. We know that our calendar is about to be PACKED but it’s important to infuse REST into the days ahead! Create a routine that helps you recharge as well as keeps your family moving along. Both are necessary however imperfectly. Stay on top of “maintenance” tasks by matching or HOOKING each dreaded chore with something enjoyable. For example, while folding laundry or packing school lunches, use this task as an excuse to catch some much needed “mom time” with some earphones and your favorite podcast or audiobook. It’s a win-win! You get your must-do tasks done AND you get to do something for yourself at the same time! How’s that for a positive mindset?


Life sometimes gets us off track with our well intentioned habits and we end up feeling defeated and looking at life with a negative lens. You’re not alone mama. Take a minute and step back. Think of your time and see how you can restructure your day-to-day to make your ideal lifestyle more of a reality! Which area are you finding stressful?

  • Laundry 🧺
  • Meals and kitchen cleanup🍽️
  • Making exercise a priority 💪
  • Getting everyone out the door with everything they need 🚪
  • Regular cleaning🧹
  • Homework time 📓

Focus on JUST ONE area and transform it into something

1. Enjoyable 2. Easy 3. Non negotiable.

Again, you may need to HOOK these onto something else to make it enjoyable, but do whatever it takes until this one area is running more smoothly and serving YOU.


Maybe it’s time for something new! This could be anything from a new recipe, a new type of exercise for YOU, a new self-care component, new essential oils to add that plant magic to your life, or maybe a new natural product to help reduce the toxins in your home and keep your family’s health up to par! Pick something easy to use that will help push you towards your goals.


Find your community! We were not made to live in isolation. There are too many people around who can help lift you up when you are down and you know what? Sometimes they will need you to do the same for them! We all need a tribe who will support us, encourage us, and sometimes just LISTEN without judgement. Sometimes it helps to have people who are like-minded, but it is ALSO a blessing to find people who may have a little different perspective than you!

Bottomline, You need a support system of people who:

  • listen without judging you.
  • respect your needs.
  • appreciate your efforts to care for yourself.
  • support and encourage you to reach your goals.

We want to remind you that WE are here for you and we even want to help you connect with other moms who are ahead, beside, and behind you in this journey. Everyone’s journey is different, but we all have something to learn and something to offer.

Reach out for help. Reach out TO help.

Ready to connect with other mamas?

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